Kurio bolsters educational content

by TnP Staff
Published: 27 January 2014, 10:33
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Kurio adds a trio of educational apps to further enhance the learning experience

Three new apps join the wide range of existing ebooks and educational games and apps which are preloaded on the Kurio devices, with more available to buy in the Kurio App Store, in order to continue building the brand’s strong reputation with parents as a safe and valuable learning tool for children.

Henri Le Worm is the brain-child of Casualty actress Charlotte Salt, and takes a fun, colourful approach to healthy food, nature and cooking. Charlotte embarked on the project with her friend and business partner, Olivier Blanc, the son of celebrity chef Raymond Blanc.

Charlotte explains that during her two years of playing Dr Sam Nicholls on BBC1’s Casualty, she began to use all of her spare time to develop the idea for Henri, which has always been a passion of hers. Henri Le Worm aims to reconnect children aged three to eight with food and nature, not by preaching, but by making them laugh! The app has a host of hilarious characters and is brought to life by Simon Pegg. It has already reached number one on the iTunes education chart and was voted in the Guardian’s weekly top 20 app chart.

Having spent 14 years working in public services with children and young people, energy psychologist and mum of five, Erika Brodnock turned her attention to Karizma Kidz – an online world which helps young people to deal with and understand emotions and feelings. Karizma Kidz prides itself on being the first company to develop an app and online world scientifically proven to promote happiness, confidence and creativity.

Using an avatar of one of the colourful characters, children can navigate around the world of Moodville exploring the different emotions in zones such as Angry Alley, Love Lane, Proud Playground, Fear Farm and Loss Lagoon. Meanwhile, parents can log in to the parental area to track progress and also to set tasks in the real world, such as laying the table and tidying a bedroom, which earn virtual currency to spend in Moodville.

Sarah Faisal Al Saud’s background is in academia. She began her career as a lecturer in the Computer Science and Information Technology department at King Saud university in Saudi Arabia. After gaining a PhD in Human Computer Interaction at UCL, Sarah went on to work at the university as a research associate. Sarah has two young children – she had her son during her PhD studies and went back to work full-time after having her daughter. It was then that she had the idea to pursue the business.

Speaking many languages herself and bringing her children up in a multilingual home, Sarah formed the idea for her app, Pacca’s Carousel. The app allows children aged up to five years old to learn one of five new languages – English, Arabic, French, Cantonese or Spanish – while creating their own carousel and playing games based on counting, reasoning and logic at each stage of development.

Each of the apps will be preloaded onto the new, improved Kurio series, which is set to launch in 2014 and will be available via the Kurio App Store.

Tracey Devine, Licensing and Marketing Director at KD UK, commented: “Each of these apps comes from a passionate, experienced lady who truly believes in educating children in a fun and colourful way. Each app explores a very different part of our children’s education, which isn’t necessarily
covered in a school classroom, but is incredibly important as they grow and learn.

“Teaming up with these developers has allowed us to pursue our mission for Kurio to educate and entertain children through up-to-the-minute technology.”