Karisma Kidz’ happy heroes

by TnP Staff
Published: 25 February 2014, 10:07
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The award-winning multi-platform for emotional intelligence featured on Dragons’ Den

Karisma Kidz is the brand new technology start-up set to shake-up the world of children’s entertainment.

An intelligent new multi-platform toy, Karisma Kidz is designed to entertain children in a safe play environment while nurturing a generation of happy, confident and creative kids. Available as a set of inspiring superhero dolls, a thrilling game app or an engaging website, the learn-while-you-play Karisma Kidz brand was founded on the principle that through positive reinforcement we can improve the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of children from an early age.

Suitable for children aged 3-9, Karisma Kidz is unlike any other brand on the market. Karisma Kidz saw a group of passionate parents, teachers and psychologists pool their knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive tool for developing the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of today’s children. The brand has already drawn attention from influential spheres with the official endorsement of Nick Clegg, support from O2 and a pitch appearance on Sunday’s episode of Dragon’s Den.

Founder and CEO Erika Brodnock said “Providing our kids with a sense of emotional wellbeing is one of the most important jobs we can have in life, yet there is no real training for parents, and many find themselves faced with challenges they feel ill-equipped to deal with. We’re unique because we prevent rather than cure and provide a one stop shop for children and the adults in their lives, ensuring consistent messages and supporting children to identify and manage their emotions.”

Dr Amanda Gummer, leading authority on child development and Karisma Kidz mentor said: “I was really impressed with the ethos behind the brand. The softer skills such as social and emotional development are often undervalued and educational toys tend to focus on skills such as numeracy and literacy. These are truly unique.”

As either Karisma Boy, Karisma Girl, Karisma Wizard, Karisma Princess or Karisma Champion, your children will navigate the virtual world of Moodville where they’re encouraged to play games that unlock their creativity; discover recipes that make healthy eating fun; listen to audio-books that cover real-life dilemmas (sibling rivalry, anxiety about the first day at school, or going to the dentist) and engage in games that track and enhance their emotional intelligence.

Earning rewards as they go, children can enrich their superhero journey with free hints, tips and pointers on the best next steps. Each of the superheroes show children how to recognise a stressful feeling, press the pause button and shift into a more positive state using technology that is overwhelmingly proven to reduce stress levels.

Similarly, the Karisma Kidz interactive dolls share ‘Karismantras’ with the child: positive messages to reinforce self-esteem and positive outlook. 98.25% of 800 parents said they think Karisma Kidz is great because it helps their children to be happier and better behaved.

Karisma Kidz have secured a licensing deal with miioon.com enabling children to create their own super capes and clothing. Karisma Kidz has also brokered a deal to pilot the brand’s offerings with global telecommunications provider O2.

Karisma Kidz App is free and available to download from the Apple App Store. It also comes pre-loaded on 1.8 million Kurio Tablets, joining popular apps such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.