Snowball fights in summer?

by TnP Staff
Published: 9 September 2016, 11:04
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Zimpli Kids unveils Gelli Snow Battle Pack for snowball fights whatever the weather

Zimpli Kids have created a winter experience to be enjoyed all year round, taking the ever so popular Gelli Snow product to the next level with the new Gelli Snow Battle Pack. Why should we wait until it snows to enjoy snowball fights? Get ready for Snowball fights, whatever the weather.

Zimpli Kids designs and manufactures some of the most unique and innovative children’s toy products currently on the market. They are constantly striving to create exciting products to wow its target market and this new product is certainly no exception!

The original Gelli Snow formula, launched early 2015, has been magically transformed to allow children to make their very own snowballs. The concept is simple! Add the Gelli Snow Battle Pack powder to water and watch it transform into realistic snow that can then be moulded to create snowballs.

“As a company we already have a great pedigree of creating unique products that perform superbly on all social media platforms – Our Gelli Baff & Slime Baff products have clocked up one billion views in the last 12 months on YouTube,” said Zimpli Kids Head of Sales, Eejay Enyi.

“Our Gelli Snow Battle Packs take our make your own snow line to a whole new level & without a doubt, this new product will help to push even further our massive viral traction as kids everywhere upload their Snow Ball fights onto their social media accounts”

Just like the entire Zimpli Kids product range, the Gelli Snow Battle Pack powder is non irritant, stain free and guarantees 100 per cent safe play. To find out more about the Gelli Snow Battle Packs click here.

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