Hexbugs makes a bang at NEC

by TnP Staff
Published: 20 March 2017, 09:13
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Hexbug’s BattleBots were a huge hit with the 70,000 school children at last week’s Big Bang Fair in Birmingham

Hot on the heels of the recent TV ad campaign, Hexbug BattleBots made their first UK appearance at the Big Bang Fair last week. With over 70,000 primary and secondary school children flocking to the annual event at the NEC, Big Bang was the perfect platform to gauge reaction to this exciting new line.


As well as showcasing BattleBots, Hexbug also introduced another hero line: the new Hexbug Battle Ground Bunker along with the Hexbug Battle Tarantula Dual Pack. The new ranges attracted children of all ages and boys and girls went head to head creating their own unique battles.

“It’s always a real buzz to come to The Big Bang Fair and we knew it was the perfect place to introduce our target consumer to these exciting new Hexbug ranges,” said Heather Corbett, Marketing Manager at Hexbug. “The event coincides with the launch of the first burst of our Hexbug BattleBots and Hexbug Battle Tarantula TV advertising campaign and we have PR and marketing activity supporting these key Hexbug ranges throughout 2017.”

Billed as the ultimate robot showdown and based upon US television’s favourite metallic war-zone, the Hexbug BattleBots Arena comes with two BattleBots: Tombstone and Witch Doctor who do battle on the fold out game board which features authentic graphics, plastic side panels and protective glass surroundings, just like on TV!