Hama Universe expands

by TnP Staff
Published: 30 March 2017, 09:08
Quick Link: www.toysnplaythings.co.uk/qaotk

App for the popular bead creative brand updated with new designs and effects

The Hama Universe app has been updated for the second time, bringing new content to the digital bead creativity

The launch of the Hama Universe App over a year ago was been a great success, with thousands of Hama fans downloading the app to create great designs.

Now in its second update, Hama fans can now explore the exciting and intriguing new island in Hama Universe. Crazy and quirky new designs can be completed to make the moon shine on Mysterious Island, and fans can travel around the atmospheric island in the darkness and experience the unexplored cave, amazing plants and fabulous silhouettes.

The update also brings 60 new designs to the app, and fans can experience the enchantment of Hama’s magical luminous beads and then continue to the various peg boards to carry on playing with the shimmering beads and the unique lighting effect on the Gallery planet. 

Hama Universe now offers even more hours of valuable and educational play, and is a great free add-on to every Hama sale. Retailers can get hold of a POS to highlight the app alongside their Hama stock to make it an ever more exciting and valuable proposition.