Simba Toys becomes major shareholder of Zimpli Kids

by TnP Staff
Published: 6 April 2017, 08:21
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Partnership first formed in 2014

It was announced yesterday (Wednesday) that Simba Toys is now a major shareholder of Zimpli Kids.

The partnership first began in 2014 when Simba Toys became a distributor of Zimpli Kids products.

In just three years, Simba Toys has launched a German version of Gelli Baff – Glibbi, which has been a success from the start - finishing in the top three bath toys in NPD data for Germany, year after year. Not only that, since 2014 there have been 10+ new Simba distribution territories from all over the world!

Maximilian Stork, Senior Product Manager at Simba Toys said: “We are really happy to be part of the success story of Zimpli Kids. The last three years have been already a fantastic cooperation and now by becoming shareholder we are looking forward to working even closer on our common long term strategies.”

Eejay Enyi, Sales Director at Zimpli Kids added: “For one of the largest companies in the toy industry to be major shareholder of Zimpli Kids is fantastic! We are thrilled to be working even closer with Simba to continue the success of Zimpli Kids.”