Tesco jobs on the chopping block

by TnP Staff
Published: 10 April 2017, 08:35
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Around 3,000 jobs are at risk amid on-going plans to increase efficiency and customer service levels

Thousands of Tesco night shift jobs are on the chopping block as the supermarket rolls out changes to the opening hours at some of its stores.

Around 69 of its UK locations are said to be impacted, with 3,000 jobs on the line as some stores cease trading 24 hours a day and other roles, like those on tobacco kiosks and customer help counters, being merged. The majority of those affected are expected to find new roles within the company, although workers could see their monthly pay packet diminish as they move from higher-paid night shift roles to daytime jobs.

“We appreciate these changes will impact the roles of some of our colleagues and we will work with them to ensure they are fully supported throughout this period,” said Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis.

The supermarket boss said the moves are all inline with its ongoing plans to simplify the business and improve customer service. It comes as the supermarket readies for its merger with wholesale Booker, a £3.7bn deal that has drawn raised eyebrows from investors in recent weeks.