Let the dad dancing commence!

by TnP Staff
Published: 19 June 2017, 08:00
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Tobar launches Dad Dance Mat - the perfect gag gift for all occasions

Father’s Day may have come and gone, but the dad dancing never stops. Tobar’s fantastic new Dad Dance Mat is the perfect novelty gift for all occasions.

The gag gift comes with a spinner and instructions so dads can practise and perfect eight special dad dances, including classics such as the golfer’s swing, drive my car, and only here because I have to be.

With the option for two or more people to play, the entire family can get involved, making it perfect for social gatherings. Stand on the star, spin the spinner to select a boogie, then it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll!

The Dad Dance Mat is a brilliant gift line for every occasion and a fun party gift, so you’ll have a great centrepiece to keep the evening entertainment flowing.