Zuru files suit against Koopman International

by TnP Staff
Published: 19 June 2017, 08:00
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Legal action taken against importer of alleged copyright-infringing Bunch O Balloons haul seized at Rotterdam Port

Zuru and Tinnus Enterprises have recently filed a suit against Koopman International Limited in the District Court of the Hague.

The proceedings relate to a shipment of rapid-fill water balloon product seized at the Rotterdam Port under Dutch anti-piracy laws. Zuru believes that the product, imported by Koopman International Limited, infringes upon the European Community Design Registrations and copyrights which cover Zuru’s highly successful Bunch O Balloons rapid fill water balloons.

The parties appeared before the Court at the end of May to introduce the matter of alleged infringement.

Anna Mowbray, COO, Zuru, said: “Zuru will continue it’s strong litigious stance and will pursue any accounts who believe they can dance around the IP and knock off this great item. I petition companies to have integrity and to buy legitimate Bunch o Balloons items from Zuru rather than taking a route of assured conflict.”

The Bunch O Balloons product continues to enjoy popularity and high sales in many European countries, and Zuru will maintain its aggressive stance against intellectual property infringement this Spring/Summer selling season.