Appeal for Grenfell Tower donations

by TnP Staff
Published: 14 July 2017, 08:00
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Can you and your company support Mookie’s Stevan Racz, who was personally affected by the tragedy, in his efforts?

Following the Grenfell Tower fire thousands of donations including, fresh food, toiletries, new clothing and bedding have been made and distributed to support the people affected. One thing that has been highlighted to us is how many children were affected by the fire.

Mookie’s Stevan Racz and another volunteer, Jenna Payne, have been working together to help these children and families. Stevan sadly lost his uncle in the fire and has been to the site many times, witnessing the effects of the tragedy and how it has touched so many people.

When Stevan, Credit Controller at the toy company, started the project there weas said to be around 30 children affected by the fire. While helping the volunteer groups it transpires that there are actually over 100 children affected, including children who have lost their own homes, children who have been relocated from their family homes in the local area, children who attended the Grenfell nursery and also children who lost family in the fire. 

Bags of Love for Grenfell is a charity that is working around the clock to get children toys to make their days a little easier following the fire. Each child will receive a backpack with age-relevant toys to help them through this unsettling time. The age of the children are from three months to 15 years, so the charities including Bags of Love for Grenfell, Grenfell Nursery, Grenfell on the Green and Make a Wish Grenfell are looking for donations of baby toys, blind bags, craft toy and toys for older girls and boys.

Many toy companies in the UK have already helped Stevan and Jenna directly, but if there are any other toy companies that have product they are willing to donate, please contact Stevan on or 07884014546. Any donations are welcome and valuable to these children who have lost so much over the past few weeks.