Schleich enjoys best-ever first half

by TnP Staff
Published: 17 July 2017, 08:00
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Record-breaking first quarter followed by equally strong Q2 delivers company its strongest first-half yet

Schleich UK’s second quarter of 2017 has followed suit with its record-breaking Q1 performance, giving the toy company is strongest ever first-half performance in the UK.

Schleich UK reported double-digit growth compared with the same period last year, and has attributed the success to ongoing efforts to increase its presence at retail. A key part of this strategy has been delivering excellent in-store presentations which subsequently boost sales. A recent success story is the bespoke window display in Wonderland Models, which will get a refresh in six months to ensure equal coverage for the four key franchise themes within the Schleich range. Additionally, Downtown Garden Centre in Grantham also welcomed a T-Rex figurine, adding great in-store impact to enhance the retailer’s Schleich offer.

Jeremy Robinson, Country Manager for Schleich UK, said: “Schleich UK has continued to work hard building brand profile with existing and potential consumers, and bespoke installations such as the recent display at Wonderland Models and Downtown have proven incredibly effective for increasing sales. This increasing retail presence drives mutual business and has helped Schleich UK to deliver the best ever first-half sales number.”

Schleich UK will build on this success in the second half of the year with a return to TV. Going forward, an important part of the marketing campaign will be digital activity and with this will come added promotional TV broadcast schedules. Horse Club, Wild Life and Dinosaur collections will each benefit from digital campaigns this autumn, two of which will also reach hundreds of thousands of children on POP and TinyPop TV channels.

Jeremy Robinson added, “Moving forward, the focus will be on progressing discussions with more retail partners and this will be supported even further by a TV campaign for the second year running.”

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