Toy State unveils expansion plans

by TnP Staff
Published: 19 July 2017, 11:48
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The lights and sounds and RC specialist readies for move into new categories with top-tier licensing partnerships and expanded team and advanced design and manufacturing facilities

Toy State is expanding its boundaries to offer products across a wider range of categories than ever before.

From a broadened portfolio of highly sought after licenses and top-notch strategic partners, to newly-expanded marketing and development teams, state-of-the-art facilities, and more, Toy State is investing in growth and focused on broadening their category portfolio to build on its seventh consecutive year of record-breaking sales growth in 2017.

“For over 30 years, we’ve been strategically growing the company, through acquisitions and key partnerships, to achieve and maintain our leadership position in the toy vehicle category,” said Toy State President Andy Friess. “Toy State’s sights are now firmly set on duplicating our achievements and success in the vehicle space to become a dominant player in multiple other toy categories. We’ve already taken many important steps toward realising that goal and are extremely excited about what the future holds for Toy State.”   

Key hires during the past year, as well as further planned staff additions, have been essential to putting Toy State in the position to pursue the aggressive growth plan that company ownership and executive leadership has charted. Helping to power this fast-track expansion is the company’s growing global team of toy industry veterans with a broad range of multi-category expertise led by Friess, who has seen the company’s global marketing and development staff more than triple during his time at Toy State.

“To achieve growth within the competitive landscape of the toy industry, a strategic approach and a strong well-rounded team is essential,” added Andy. “Toy State is very fortunate to have a broad base of category experience within leadership positions and throughout our global marketing, design and sales teams to position us for success.”

Toy State’s marketing, design and sales strength is bolstered by its unmatched manufacturing capabilities. The company serves as a one-stop-shop for its partners through Toy State-owned manufacturing and R&D facilities, both with newly-expanded capacity. Toy State Research (TSR), the company’s advanced concepts group, will continue to explore innovative play patterns and features that make Toy State products consistent standouts at retail.

This setup provides the company with complete control of all development efforts and manufacturing processes, maintaining the extremely high-quality and innovation standards that have served as a hallmark for all Toy State products for more than 30 years. Additionally, expansion of the company’s US, Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan offices and showrooms has recently been completed to accommodate continued growth and to provide best-in-class feature spaces for the company’s varied product lines to retail partners.

While being committed to applying their extensive design, marketing, R&D, and manufacturing expertise in new ways to broaden their toy category presence, Toy State continues to fortify its global leadership position in vehicles and extend their current ranges within the drone, infant, and construction product categories.

Toy State has newly joined forces with The Walt Disney Company, one of the most prominent entertainment companies in the world, to develop products based on their Marvel Comics property, featuring superheroes from throughout the Marvel universe. Product is set to launch at major retailers this fall. The deal adds another notable licensing partner to Toy State’s fast-growing roster, which also includes global consumer products standouts Caterpillar, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels, DC Comics, Barbie, WWE and Thomas & Friends.

Also coming to retail this fall is the launch of Toy State’s Nikko Air line of racing drones. Nikko Air represents a new category segment of focus for the company within their flagship Nikko R/C brand and showcases its high-profile licensing and sponsorship partnership with The Drone Racing League (DRL), the global leader in professional drone racing. Nikko Air represents the first key category expansion of the Nikko R/C brand since Toy State’s 2014 acquisition of the company in 2014, as part of its strategic growth plan.

Toy State’s Papillon line of developmental toys for infants and toddlers also represents a new avenue and age demographic for the company. This year, Toy State will introduce new items to its Papillon range, which has been distributed to the specialty channel since its introduction in 2013.