Elves Behavin’ Badly hit the road!

by TnP Staff
Published: 26 July 2017, 10:28
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Fully branded fleet of lorries hits the roads to bring Elves Behavin’ Badly to families and retailers across the nation 

The PMS International team has unveiled its new fleet of branded commercial vehicles to mark the start of the 2017 Elves Behavin’ Badly campaign.

The cheeky Elves will be on full view as PMS drivers travel across Britain in the coming months to ensure retailers can keep up with the growing demand for this pre-Christmas Countdown phenomenon. The eye-catching designs showcase the fantastic Elves Behavin’ Badly range including the original Elfie, his female elf companion Elvie, the impossibly cute Elf triplets and even Rudie the Reindeer – all of which are instantly recognisable by their big ears.

PMS’ vehicles are going to be hard to miss thanks to the eye-catching new designs featured on the side and back of the lorries. There will be 32 different commercial vehicles, including 44, 18, 12 and 7.5 tonne lorries on the road delivering these cheeky characters to stores across the UK.

Heading to Autumn Fair? See the Elves Behavin’ Badly range on the PMS International stand Hall 1, Stand E20–D21 – click here for info

“We watched the Elf tradition explode in America and decided that there was a gap in the market to satisfy demand in the UK, “ said Paul Beverley, MD of PMS International. “Our Elves Behavin’ Badly range was designed in-house and sales exceeded our expectations last year. To prepare for 2017 sales demand, our team have worked solidly developing new products including some fun accessories and even more Elf dolls. I’m constantly amazed by the creativity of customers who share their Elves Behavin' Badly photos with us. Our retail partners have a fantastic opportunity to drive pre-Christmas sales with our collectable Elf lines which will continue to expand every year.”

What started in the US a couple of years ago as animated humour and creative fun, spread across the internet rapidly. Originally started to entertain young children during the Christmas countdown in December, its creativity has made it one of the fastest growing pre-Christmas rituals. This light-hearted pre-Christmas phenomenon sees families, couples and office workers create daft poses for their Elves each day and share their imaginative results online.

PMS International’s exclusive Elves Behavin’ Badly range features unique branding and eye-catching packaging. Alongside the original Elves Behavin’ Badly vinyl-faced dolls, PMS also offer a range of Plush Elves, Bendable Dolls, incredibly cute Baby Elves, Rudie the Reindeer and an unrivalled range of Elf Accessories, to help the Elves go about their mischief making and to inspire even more creative scenes.