MyRebounder bounces into UK

by TnP Staff
Published: 9 August 2017, 10:05
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Mini trampoline company launches in UK

Mini trampoline company MyRebounder has launched in the UK.

MyRebounder Mini Trampolines are designed for three to seven-year-olds of all types – from those with energy to spare, to those who should really be more energetic! The mini trampolines are made for everyday indoor use throughout the year – a great solution for the notorious British weather - and are also perfect for those with smaller or no garden space.

Using a mini trampoline is called rebounding, and is one of the best forms of exercise as it uses every muscle in the body, helping to strengthen balance, co-ordination and general fitness.

These premium quality 40” children’s mini trampolines are available in pink or blue and have six legs with rubber feet for stability on all flat flooring surfaces. Tested to all relevant EU standards, the MyRebounder Mini Trampolines can easily be folded for storage and come with their own carry bag.

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