LEGO appoints new CEO

by TnP Staff
Published: 11 August 2017, 07:45
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Niels Christiansen replaces Bali Padda as Chief Exectuive after just eight months at the helm

LEGO has appointed a new CEO to replace the British boss it appointed just eight months.

Niels Christiansen will become the new Chief Executive of the Danish toy company, which this week celebrated its 85th anniversary, as former boss Bali Padda, appointed to the role in January 2017, moves to a “special advisory role”.

At 61, Bali’s proximity to the average retirement age would leave him only a short tenure in charge, and this, LEGO Chairman Jorgen Vig Knudstorp said, was the reason for his replacement.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Jorgen added that 15-year LEGO veteran Bali “knew that I would immediately look for a successor”, and during his short period in charge had “definitely not disappointed us”. Bali was commended for the “integral role” he played in strengthening LEGO throughout his career.

Niels, 51, will take the reins this October.