Gibsons teams with RSPCA

by TnP Staff
Published: 11 August 2017, 07:45
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The Gibsons team volunteered at the charity’s animal centre following release of RSPCA puzzles

Gibsons has teamed up with the RSPCA and released six new puzzles to celebrate the work they do to prevent cruelty towards animals.

To show their support, the Gibsons team sent several team members to volunteer at the RSPCA Animal Centre in Godstone on 9 August.

The team arrived at the centre, and after a tour of the premises set to work on cleaning and painting one of the animal houses. The former Recovery Room had been freshly plastered almost two years ago, ready to be re-purposed as a short-term home for animals rescued by RSPCA inspectors, but was being used as a storage room and a temporary home for four terrapins. The RSPCA team had not had time to paint the room due to their other, more pressing responsibilities.

Black cat Elton is a perfect example of how the team at the Godstone Animal Centre help animals. Many animals like Elton, who have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed thanks to the RSPCA’s care and attention, are featured on our RSPCA jigsaw puzzles. Available in a variety of piece counts, each puzzle is made from 100 per cent recycled board, and each tells a unique story.

The RSPCA receives 10 per cent of the wholesale price and hopes to raise at least £7,500 through the sale of the puzzles. The pouched puzzles will be available from September 2017.