Tobar unveils sensory toys line

by TnP Staff
Published: 11 September 2017, 10:06
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Sensory lines provide hours of stimulating fun

Tobar has announced a great line of sensory toys that are fun for all.

The products are perfect for helping to keep children occupied, providing hours of fun exploring their senses with a range of exciting novelties, including Furry Fun Bug, Tangle and Flashing Water Snake.

Available in two colours, the Flashing Water Snake is lots of slippery, light-up fun. The new Sensory Ball is a must have – a soft and chunky red ball with six smaller balls of all different shapes, colours and textures attached to it.

The Furry Fun Bug is a rubbery, furry delight. It can be squeezed and stretched in a variety of ways, with bulging eyes and a body made for distortion it is an ideal toy for the sense of touch.

A bouncy favourite is the Flashing Meteor Ball which has a light up centre when it hits a surface. Available in both grey and brown this ball is perfect for all ages.

The perfect thing for keeping hands occupied, the Tangle has 18 jointed sections that allow kids to twist the toy into contortions.

The sensory toy line is great for all the family and fun as gifts, brilliant for heightening the senses and for keeping little ones engaged.

To learn more about the full range, retailers can contact or 01603 397 105.