Menkind's top 12 boys' toys for Christmas

by TnP Staff
Published: 2 October 2017, 07:45
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From drones to wearable tech, VR to hoverboards, it's set to be a gadget-filled Christmas for the the big and little boys in our lives

The gift experts at retailer Menkind have put together their ultimate guide of toys for boys of all ages.

Whether it’s for littles ones, fathers, brother or nephews, these are the 12 products Menkind guarantee will be top of their wish lists:

Motion Control Drone: The Motion Control Drone has auto land and take off and hand-motion activated flight, making this 2.4GHz drone perfect for beginners – and it’s safe to use indoors or outdoors. There’s even a stunt button for effortless 360° flips in the air.

Wall Climbing Spider: Terrify friends and family with this remote control, wall climbing spider. It has a vacuum undercarriage so it can stick onto smooth surfaces, and features two LED eyes making it a perfect present for a trickster.

Bright Bugz Evolution: The perfect stocking filler, Bright Bugz turns close-up magic into a neon art form. Pair with the Android and iOS app to create squeeze activated fireflies that create flashy illusions as they jump from phone to hand, across the room and back again – animated in 3D right before your eyes!

SoundMoovz: Make music by moving with the innovative SoundMoovz, which boast 400 sounds via the connected app and the ability to record your own. Anyone can simply strap them onto their wrists or ankles to make fantastic beats as they dance, and provide great entertainment for the whole family. Available in blue, purple and black.

Laser X 2 Player: Settle the festive battle for the last potato with the ultimate Laser Tag duel. With one-on-one or team gaming options, the Laser X 2 Player challenges players to hunt their enemy using the hi-tech laser blaster with built-in sound effects and voice coach advice. Don’t get shot though, as after eight hits you’re a goner!

Stormtroop Decanter: One for the adult star Wars fans. Based on the original 1976 Stormtrooper helmet from Shepperton Design Studios, the flint glass decanter with cork seal is perfect for the sci-fi film lover, providing a classic piece of cinematic history. Fill with a favourite whisky or rum – or milk if keeping to the original white-colourway design.

Selfie Drone: Selfie-lovers rejoice! No more awkward outstretched arms or cumbersome sticks needed, as versatile selfie taking just got a drone upgrade. The pocket-sized Selfie Drone uses high-tech optical image tracking and an HD camera to follow peoples' movements. Ideal for outdoor activity videos, filming family activities or being papped on the move.

Hyperdrone Racing Kit: Bring futuristic drone racing home with the Hyperdrone Racing Kit, featuring two high octane drones with precise controls and built in altitude lock. Race around the included flags and over the station to win the fastest lap time, or select two player battle mode to attack the station together.

Vizor Gamer: Dive into a virtual world with the Vizor Gamer. The larger headset allows for bigger phones and a wider view, with the buttons positioned on the outside of the Vizor to enable a more immersive virtual gaming experience. Connect a smartphone to the Vizor for immersive virtual gaming.

Slush Puppie Machine: Create slushie iced drinks at home with the officially licensed Slush Puppie Machine. Perfect for the retro gadget lover, anyone can make a litre of slushies with ease by adding flavoured syrups

Fesity Pets: Boys will love these cute little toys with a secret. Although they look sweet and innocent, they transform into sinister beasts with snarling teeth and angry eyes via a finger-activated trigger. Choose from Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn, Sir Growls A Lot Bear, Princess Pottymouth Cat or Sammy Suckerpunch Dog.

Kawasaki Hover Board: Packing their superbike experience into their first hover board, Kawasaki focus on speed, stability and safety for a two-wheel glide that’s fast and fun. The Hover Board features chunky tyres for a smooth ride, a top speed of 12kph, a 250W motor, rechargeable Samsung battery and a range of approximately 20km.


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