Bandai dives in with Sea Monkeys

by TnP Staff
Published: 14 November 2017, 07:45
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Appointed UK and Ireland distributor of the classic The Original Sea Monkeys brand

Bandai UK has been appointed UK and Ireland distributor of The Original Sea Monkeys by the property's new global manufacturer Dragon-I Toys.

Dragon-I’s recent takeover of the Sea-Monkey license is the beginning of a new chapter for The Original Sea Monkeys, which first launched in 1960. Importantly, the formulation of the eggs will once again be created in the US to ensure the highest quality of product and to ensure The Original Sea Monkeys becomes the top choice with retailers and consumers alike.

Bandai UK will launch The Original Sea Monkeys range in late spring with a full 360-degree marketing campaign behind it. Digital, press, PR activity and more will all combine to ensure an impactful and successful launch for the line. Furthermore, AW18 will see a new introduction to Bandai’s range which will also benefit from extensive TV advertising.

Dave Cave, President at Dragon-I Toys, said: “I’m delighted to be able to re-establish The Original Sea Monkeys brand on a global scale and also excited to be working with Bandai UK on this new project”.

Nic Aldridge, General Manager at Bandai UK, added: “We’re extremely pleased to be working with Dragon-I on this exciting relaunch of The Original Sea Monkeys. The brand has really stood the test of time with over 50 years of heritage to its name. The Original Sea Monkeys and the commitment to a trusted formula that really works, will be an entry-level toy for those parents who want to teach their children about the responsibility of looking after a pet. What’s more, as STEM is quite rightly a focus area for the toy industry, we’ve excited to be launching such a key property for this sector”.

For more information about Bandai UK’s The Original Sea Monkeys, call 0208 324 6160.