Argos CEO reveals the key to retail success

by TnP Staff
Published: 9 March 2018, 07:45
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John Rogers tells retail conference mix of online and physical is the only way forward

John Rogers, CEO of Argos, says retail must: “think long and hard” about combining their physical and digital propositions to achieve success.

Speaking at the Retail Week Live conference in London this week, Argos’ main man says he believes stores still play a critical role in retailer today and goes so far as saying that: “Online only is not the answer,” - despite Argos receiving 1.2 billion hits on its site annually.

He says: “It's clearly true the world is moving more online, and we predict in the future it could be as high as 85-90% of business could originate online. While it’s 60% today, 80% is fulfilled through our physical store network.”

The CEO went on to describve the “halo effect” felt by Sainsbury’s after adding an Argos offering in-store, with food sales typically increasing by 1-1.5%

“It’s a great example of how we combine the online world with the physical retail world,” and went on to say: “We’re sweating the asset harder by bringing the Argos offer to Sainsbury’s customer.”