Retail success for Juratoys

by TnP Staff
Published: 12 April 2018, 09:49
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New "stay and play" display sees sales double at retailer Daniels of Windsor

Juratoys has seen success with a bespoke display in Daniels of Windsor, where sales of its Janod brand have doubled.

Since installing the beautiful "stay and play' display, which aims to keep kids and parents engaged as they try out the products in-store, sales of the Janod range have skyrocketed.

"We had a great opportunity this year to launch a bespoke Janod display in Daniels of Windsor, and since launch, sales have doubled," said Michelle Probert, Sales and Marketing Manager, Juratoys. "We feel that the display really emphasises the beautiful Janod products and is a great in-store solution for retailers.

"Customers love to shop in an environment which is fun and engaging for children. We adapted a stay and play scenario in which we wanted children to be excited by the in-store display and to spend longer looking at the products, taking pictures and playing. We hope to work with other retailers to role this bespoke display out across the country as part of our plan to grow and build the Janod brand."

To leaner how Juratoys can help you sell more, contact the team on 020 8878 2133.