Toymaster sales up!

by TnP Staff
Published: 10 July 2018, 09:46
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Buying group announce 4.4 per cent inrease in sales year on year

In a letter to Toymaster members Ian Edmunds, the group's MD, announced a stronfg sales performane.

He said: "For Toymaster Ltd the first half of the year has seen group purchases +4.4% on 2017".

Toymaster retailers  have certainly outperformed the market with Ian adding:"When compared to NPD at the end of May showing the Toy Market down 9% YTD, it shows the importance to Suppliers and the resilience of the Toymaster Membership."

Ian commented further looking ahead to positive second half sales: "In this post TRU world, I am confident that both the group and our Members will have a most successful run into Christmas".