Mattel launches Pooparoos Supriseroos

by TnP Staff
Published: 23 July 2018, 10:03
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New collectable brand taps in to toilet humour trend

Mattel has launched Pooparoos Surpriseroos, and innovative new collectable which taps in to the on-trend toilet humour and surprise collectables kids crazes. 

These super cute toilets are full of surprises. The range is a guessing game, starting when kids open the toilet seat to find out which Pooparoos Surpriseroos squishy figure is hiding inside. Kids can lift the tank to find hidden surprise number two, three magical paper packs. Fill the toilet with water, add the sheet of paper, stir with the scoop included and watch it dissolve to reveal the pet’s food. Scoop it out and feed the Pooparoos pet, then sit it on the potty, squeeze three times and he’ll poop his food in the toilet. 

Fun figures include brightly coloured animals such as Blue Bunny, Panda, Pink Bear, White Unicorn, Yellow Monster or a Corgi dog, with a total of eight Surprisearoos and 46 different paper pack variations to collect.

Katherine Daniel, Marketing Manager, Mattel Toy Box, said: “As a leader in kids play, Mattel are always looking for fun exciting ranges that tie into current trends and Pooparoos is a great example of this, tapping into the current collectable market along with the fun toilet humour trend. Pooparoos is a totally unique collectable in super cute colours, creating a fun toy that combines girls' love for surprises, magical animals and collectables with potty play.”

Surprising elements continue with collectable food including cupcakes, hotdogs, macaroons, donuts and colourful piles of poop. Kids can store the cute Pooparoos figure in the toilet and its food in the tank until its play time again.