Smart-Trike’s Swivel Wheel is awarded a patent!

by TnP Staff
Published: 15 February 2013, 10:12
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Smart-Trike is delighted to announce that their latest innovation, the new Swivel Wheel with Touch Steering, has been awarded a patent

Not only has this multi-award winning brand developed the most advanced trikes in the world, they can now officially say they are one of a kind! The new Dream and Safari designs are the first in the collection to make use of the pioneering trike technology and they are already proving very popular with parents across the UK.

As the world’s leading tricycle brand, Smart-Trike™ are constantly developing new ideas to make sure their trikes remain truly unique and the number one choice for every family. The team understand that one of the most important things about a trike is its wheels and they have therefore been committed to developing the cleverest wheels around! When parents and children are off exploring the great outdoors on their Smart-Trike™ they want to be able to go anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to the newly patented Swivel Wheel with Touch Steering™ technology it is super-easy to manoeuvre, just like a premium stroller.

One of the benefits of being able to ride a trike from the tender age of ten months is that it allows little ones to really engage with the world around them. They can get up close to flowers and trees and learn about all the exciting sounds and sights on their travels. Parents will certainly have no trouble steering their baby around in the early stages, and once their tot is ready to take control themselves they’ll find it very easy to trike about. As they take their first few independent trips on their Smart-Trike™ the Swivel Wheel will really help them grasp the concept of riding a tricycle.

The new Dream™ and SafariTM trikes both have the Swivel Wheel with Touch Steering™ built in and both cleverly transform in four different ways from ten months to three years and beyond. Not only does the new patented technology make it a much smoother ride but it provides two steering modes. Mum and Dad can take control with the parent handle in the first stages while little ones can practice steering with the handlebar and pedals not activated. Once parents decide the time is right independent triking can begin. This is the ideal way to introduce tots to triking with the ultimate in safety and learning.

Commenting on the new Swivel Wheel Director of Communications Nitzan Kadmon says: We are so pleased that the Swivel Wheel is now patented. This really marks a turning point in the history of trikes. Pushchairs have long made use of the Swivel Wheel, and as our tricycles are suitable from such a young age, we felt it was something parents would truly appreciate. We hope the new developments make it even easier for families to enjoy the great outdoors aboard a tricycle.’

She adds: ‘We were recently crowned Best Play brand in the UK by Nursery Industry magazine. This is a position we take very seriously and we hope our new and exclusive trike tech will ensure we continue to be the brand that provides the best product for play year on year.’