Argos unveils Top Toy predictions for Christmas 2013

by TnP Staff
Published: 24 July 2013, 12:04
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Experts reveal insight into a child’s future career based on the toys they choose

Forget career tests and advisors, toys hold the key to a child’s future job. New research carried out by Argos, the UK’s number one toy retailer, reveals how children’s Christmas wish lists could be telling a deeper story about their development.

Play time not only provides fun and games for children but can also give parents a glimpse into what the future might hold for their little ones. From displaying an early affinity to animals to an eye for design detail, these qualities can in fact be spotted through children’s choice in toys.

With more than one in 10 parents admitting that they actively buy items to encourage their child’s interest in a certain job, selecting the right toy this Christmas is no child’s play.

The toy specialists at Argos have teamed up with parenting experts to analyse children’s interaction with toys and as a result have identified a direct link with play and the fostering of vocational skills.

Results demonstrated a clear correlation between the play that adults enjoyed as children and their current careers. With over 60 per cent of adults working in design led jobs, such as architects and designers, who enjoyed playing with building blocks, and 66 per cent of those in maths related roles, such as accountants and bankers, who couldn’t get enough of puzzle play as kiddies.

Playgrounds are full of budding engineers, entertainers and IT specialists all perfecting their skills through the act of play. From team work through to problem solving children are practicing their professions from an early age.

Anita Naik, author and parenting expert, said: “Observing how children choose the toys they want to play with and how they play with them can give clues into their future interests and possible jobs. From children creating a vivid tapestry of stories for their toys, to precise engineering reflected in Lego building.”

Andrea Abbis, Chief Toy Buyer at Argos, commented: “Play time needs to be fun, so we see it as a bonus if this activity then goes on to inspire our children and develop new interests. This year we’ve had fun imagining what career paths our Top Toys could inspire and they are a skillful bunch, from app developers to engineers we have definitely seen them all in a new light.”

From the new Furby encouraging the caring skills required of a teacher, to the Teksta inspiring the next generation of vets, this year’s Top Toys list from Argos will provide parents and children with variety of skills to explore.

Furthermore, results show that children are considering their future careers from an early age with over a quarter of kids contemplating their career paths at primary school age, this rises to 38 per cent during secondary school years.

Argos 2013 Jobs for the Top Toys list