The hunt for Miss Clover is on!

by TnP Staff
Published: 15 October 2013, 16:01
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The Zelfs popularity soars as everyone wants to collect the limited edition Miss Clover

Character Options is reporting a tremendous start for its new girls collectable, The Zelfs, with many retailers selling out fast and having to await new shipments before shelves can be replenished.

The Zelfs launched in July and fast became many a girl’s favourite collectable. TV advertising, a one off collector’s magazine, print campaigns, retailer events and collector’s posters have all contributed to the instant success. In addition a multiple sales redemption initiative for the much sought after limited edition Miss Clover Zelf has ensured repeat purchases.

Now the firm has taken one of the most sought after toy display spots in the UK as from Mid September through October the Zelfs takes over the Hamleys front window on Regent Street.

Andrea Smith Character Options’ Brand Manager, commented: “A Hamleys window is always a much sought after spot to show a new brand at its best and The Zelfs are instantly recognisable and will make a great display. Encouraging girls to start a collection is very important to this brand, and what better way to do so than with a treat from the most famous toy store in the country.”

“Our redemption campaign has also been highly successful and we have had hundreds of requests for the limited edition Zelf.” She continued. “This part of the launch plan has been perfectly timed for girls to go back to school talking about their new treasured Zelfs collection which includes the much prized Miss Clover!”

Retailers also have nothing but praise for this new girl’s brand. Christine Redford from Morleys Toy Shop said: “We have a whole spread of brands in the shop, but it’s The Zelfs that are flying off the shelves. What is nice to see is that people are already talking about Zelfs being the perfect stocking fillers so we are expecting a further uplift for the festive season.”

Olivia Noone, Girls buyers at Smyth’s Toys concurred: “The Medium Zelfs are a hot toy for us at the moment, and you can see girls looking for particular characters to add to their collection. We are very excited about the future sales for this brand.”

TV advertising will continue through the autumn together with more retailer activity and girls’ print campaigns. For more information about how to get on board with The Zelfs call Character Options on 0161 633 9800.