Redakai: Conquer the Kairu to Sponsor Mornings on CITV

by TnP Staff
Published: 29 May 2012, 14:48
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Initial UK toy sales showing results

Redakai™, Spin Master and Marathon Media's new boys’ action property will be sponsoring CITV weekday mornings from Monday 28th May. The CITV sponsorship has been designed to help further raise awareness of Redakai and is part of a longer term deal that will see other Spin Master brands featured.

Aimed at Boys 6-12 Redakai is proving a major hit both with traditional ‘trading card’ gamers and a whole generation of kids new to the category. Reaction from toy retailers and again at last week’s Toymaster show has been equally positive with strong repeat sales.

Redakai is a ground-breaking innovation in gaming that takes collectible trading cards to the next level. Redakai™ features amazing Blast3D™ technology that brings characters to life like never before and innovative stackable game play that shows the impact of each move as it happens! 

Jacqueline Taylor-Foo, Sales Director at Spin Master UK said “We have had extremely positive meetings with retailers at The Toymaster Show. Everyone was very excited about Redakai, its initial sales and the support we have given the brand since launch to make it a great success”. After strong early sales since its launch at Easter, A1 Comics is already “predicting Redakai to be one of the hottest toy properties of 2012”. 

“Kids are finding Redakai easy to pick up and love the 3D X-Drive cards” they said.

Based on an original concept, Redakai is a co-production between Marathon Media, part of Zodiak Kids, and Spin Master. Zodiak Kids hold the global TV and licensing rights excluding North America, which are held by Spin Master, along with all toy rights. In addition to TV rights in the US, Latin America and EMEA (excl. France and Spain), Turner CN Enterprises is the exclusive licensing agent for EMEA (excluding France) while Cartoon Network Enterprises is the agent in the US and Latin America.